The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) is the civilian organization entrusted with the responsibility of using dog teams for avalanche search and rescue.

Founded in 1978, CARDA is a non-profit charitable organization. Each team, dog and handler, is highly trained, skilled and dedicated to achieve our mission of Saving Lives.

Inherent to Canada's majestic geography, avalanches affect all Canadians either directly or indirectly. The roads and railways through mountain regions support our national economy while our friends and family enjoy the recreational opportunities. Because avalanches are an imminent hazard, CARDA members maintain a constant readiness to respond when needed, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Each team engages in an exceptional training program and must pass the validation exam every year.

The generous financial support from people like you, is what allows CARDA to continue our mission of Saving Lives.

When you're buried, every second counts.



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